Principle 1

Start with Integrity & Purpose

Define how engagement serves the needs of workers

  • Include workers in the assessment, design, and implementation processes when feasible
  • Determine the end use of engagement
  • Set measurable goals for desired use, outcomes, and impact that benefit workers and respect their rights

Understand the existing landscapes for workers, employers, and local organizations

  • Align with existing government regulations, international norms, and worker representation and employer processes
  • Recognize and support local, regional, and other geographic, linguistic, or cultural differences
  • Consult with local organizations to assess and understand existing initiatives
  • When possible, refer to credible third parties for validation of purpose and strategy


Endorse the WEST Principles

With the launch of the WEST Principles, we are excited to invite you to review and endorse the eight principles.

Terms of Engagement

WEST has released a term of engagement for how its Community works together and to govern its Steering Committee.

An Agreed-Upon Approach

By establishing an agreed upon approach, the WEST Principles aim to maximize the impact of technology-driven efforts to engage workers in global supply chains and ensure they can work with dignity and free from abuse. Initiated by a group of technology providers, the Principles seek to engage stakeholders at all levels of the global supply chain, including workers, worker organizations, the private sector, and governments, to collectively develop a roadmap to operationalize their use.