Connecting With Every Worker

Introducing the WEST Principles


The Worker Engagement Supported by Technology (WEST) Principles are a set of guidelines developed to maximize the impact of technology-driven efforts to engage workers in global supply chains. They give guidance on how to design and implement technological solutions that identify and address worker abuse and exploitation. Technology-driven approaches can enable stakeholders at all levels of global supply chains to take action against human rights abuses and improve worker well-being—the opportunity lies in how these solutions are designed and implemented.


There are eight WEST Principles and their implementation occurs in four phases:






Start with Integrity & Purpose


Use Worker-Centric & Inclusive Design


Build Trust with Workers


Facilitate Uptake & Ownership


Manage Security & Risk


Analyze Engagement & Impact


Inform Decisions & System Changes


Collaborate & Share Learnings

Resource Hub

Endorse the WEST Principles

With the launch of the WEST Principles, we are excited to invite you to review and endorse the eight principles.

A Community of Practice

Sign up and join the conversations that will shape how the Principles are operationalized. Through webinars, case studies, and knowledge sharing we can build a community of practice.

Tackling Forced Labor & Human Trafficking

June 26 – 27, Innovation Forum will be hosting a conference designed for companies to understand how to identify and mitigate risks of forced labor.

An Agreed-Upon Approach

By establishing an agreed upon approach, the WEST Principles aim to maximize the impact of technology-driven efforts to engage workers in global supply chains and ensure they can work with dignity and free from abuse. Initiated by a group of technology providers, the Principles seek to engage stakeholders at all levels of global supply chains—including workers, worker organizations, the private sector, and governments—to collectively develop a roadmap to operationalize their use.