Principle 7

Inform Decisions & System Changes

Use results to inform decisions that benefit workers

  • Communicate business value to all relevant stakeholders
  • Integrate results into business performance management systems
  • Use data and worker inputs to inform concrete next steps and follow-up actions

Use data to build workers’ knowledge

  • Communicate results and changes directly to workers
  • Close the loop with workers by communicating relevant educational information
  • Repeat engagements to maximize learning

Use data to identify opportunities for improved working conditions across industries

  • Use quantitative data to support behavior changes
  • Scale ongoing engagement to drive systemic change


Endorse the WEST Principles

With the launch of the WEST Principles, we are excited to invite you to review and endorse the eight principles.

Tackling Forced Labor & Human Trafficking

June 26 – 27, Innovation Forum will be hosting a conference designed for companies to understand how to identify and mitigate risks of forced labor.

An Agreed-Upon Approach

By establishing an agreed upon approach, the WEST Principles aim to maximize the impact of technology-driven efforts to engage workers in global supply chains and ensure they can work with dignity and free from abuse. Initiated by a group of technology providers, the Principles seek to engage stakeholders at all levels of the global supply chain, including workers, worker organizations, the private sector, and governments, to collectively develop a roadmap to operationalize their use.