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Although restored it in June of this year., but Spain still refuses to re-open these outlets. August 28 Madrid office rejected the request for restoration of Quim Torry Catalan offices in seven countries. Rajoy’s government then explained that the Catalan authorities “failed in this respect all the required conditions.” Representation of Catalonia were in the period of the exercise of power by the government Carles Puigdemonta seen as centers promoting separatism in the region. In recent years, more and more cut off from Spain. Taking place on 31 August 2017. Inauguration of the Catalan representation in the Danish capital event organizers did not invite any representative of the government in Madrid. Invitations were also not addressed to diplomats, the Spanish Embassy in Kopenhadze.zobacz also: Spain: Central government withdraw the police forces of Catalonia »Catalonia You run representation in Copenhagen was accompanied by a two-day visit Puigdemonta in Denmark.

There he sought, among others, the support of the authorities of this country and the local media for Catalan independence referendum. EC wants to adapt Polish excise duty on gas and coal to the EU regulations Warsaw, 08/03/2018 (ISBnews) – The European Commission (EC) has asked Poland to formal notice in connection with the release of gas and coal products from excise duty, which is now extended to all energy-intensive firms covered by the mandatory system of emissions trading (EU ETS), the Commission said. “On the basis of EU rules (Directive on energy taxation, Council Directive 2003/96 / EC) undertakings benefiting from such exemptions due to the fact that they contribute to improving the environment or increased energy efficiency, have a duty to make improvements goes further than is necessary this binding EU instruments such as ETS “- is explained in the message. Polish rules do not, however, require a level of energy efficiency and their use results in distortion of competition on the market was added. “If Poland fails to take action within the next two months, the Commission may send a reasoned opinion to the Polish authorities,” – summarizes. (ISBnews) European Commissioners decided to refer to the Court of Justice of the EU complaint against Poland in connection with the provisions of the Act on the Supreme Court – announced on Monday the European Commission. EC wants to judges, which took the new Law on the Polish Supreme Court could still exercise their judicial functions, even if you have already retired. EC applies for consideration by the judges in Luxembourg on an expedited basis.

Also wants the ECJ has issued an interim decision protective (ie. Temporary measures) in order until a final ruling, some provisions of the Law on the Supreme Court also remained zawieszone.zobacz SN: The Secretariat reported on the ECJ ws an expedited basis. Questions August 2 » Kornel Morawiecki asked in parliament on Monday by reporters what the government should do after the EC decision to appeal to the ECJ, said: “I think the whole thing differently judicial reform should proceed.” “I really liked that Mr. Prime Minister, my son, met Mrs. President of the Supreme Court (Malgorzata Gersdorf)” – added the leader of the Free and Solidarni. In his opinion, the judiciary, a compromise is needed “in the interest of Polish, in the interest of citizens.” “Power can not fight with each other (…) It can not be that the judiciary wants to overcome the executive power, or vice versa. There must be a balance, as it is written in the Constitution” – rating.

K.Morawiecki admitted that he had not spoken with his son, Matthew Morawieckim about the meeting complaining Gersdorf. Asked whether the Prime Minister should take a step back, he replied that “should do it both ways” .See also: Action against Poland addressed to the CJEU. Is the decision of the European Commission »Last week, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki Wednesday at the headquarters of the Supreme Court met with prof. Malgorzata Gersdorf, which – as government spokeswoman Joanna Kopcinska – talked about the reform of the judiciary. Gersdorf passed on Friday that during a conversation with him Morawieckim presented its “minimum conditions and boundary” of the dispute surrounding the Supreme Court. Among the conditions mentioned: the return of judges exempt due to age, remain in office and the President of the Supreme Court and the “restoration of the constitutional nature of the NCR.” At a press briefing MPWiK referred to the allegations, according to which no mention of the failure of the sewage sludge incineration plant belonging to the “Czajka”. These issues Tuesday and Friday raised councilors PiS and the General Inspectorate for Environmental Protection.

Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, refuting the allegations in an interview with TVP Info, assured that the information in this case was “immediately when the accident occurred.” Death to information provided by Tomusiak at a press briefing on Friday, the company in February announced the WIOS. “Deceitful is that hid this failure. We were not hiding this failure” – stressed the president MPWiK. He indicated that the company has received from WIOS written information about the crash and documents in the case on February 26. MPWiK also informed about the selection of contractors receiving deposits. As the president said, the company is also filled with “other information duties” in this matter. MPWiK advised, among others, Office of Infrastructure of the City Warsaw and Ownership Supervision Office of the City Warsaw.

She noted that this failure does not impose a legal obligation information. This would have occurred, if it came to that described in the provisions of a major accident, resulting in a direct threat to life or the environment. “Such failures do not have and did not have” – ??assured Tomusiak. As said, the company wanted to crash removed Veolia – leader of the consortium building the “Czajka” – but the company has not agreed. “It was created dispute, therefore we had to choose a company that now performs expertise (…), to determine what are the causes” – said Tomusiak. MPWiK does not rule before the courts. The incinerator has been operating since 2012. According to the president of MPWIK, the third “quite important” failure of the object. The first occurred in 2014, which resulted in one and a half downtime in her work, and the next – in 2016, where he was a few months downtime. “Today we can not afford to repair this without deeper reflection, what more should be done” – she added.

Tomusiak at the same time ensured that the company – as declared in a letter to WIOS – make efforts to even start this year, although one of the two strings incinerator. “Every day we have some failures” – admitted the company’s president. “Let me remind you that the company manages a network of sewage, as I said, over 4 thousand. Km. Including water supply network is 8.7 thousand.” – she said. “In such a large network all over the world in every infrastructure failures happen” – she added. Tomusiak also stressed that the contractor responsible for the receipt of deposits have the appropriate permissions. “How to export the waste, what to do with them – talk about rules” – pointed. She added that the sludge is not classified as hazardous waste. It claimed that the company explores this waste, but in accordance with the regulations there is no such obligation. “It is not true that exported the waste in places not allowed.

According to our information, that those entrepreneurs who work with us, fulfill their duties properly. If it is but otherwise, I’m glad that someone GIOS remembered that he may exercise the right to control “- stressed Tomusiak. MPWiK President announced that if there will be more “untrue” and “harmful” information, the company will reflect on recourse to the courts to take care of their own image as a public service. Warsaw MPWiK said on Thursday that at the turn of November and December of last year the operation of the station was switched off thermal utilization of sewage sludge (STUOS), which was associated with damage to one of the devices incinerator. The company marked at the same time that the event is not a threat to people and the environment, and STUOS off does not affect the smooth functioning of the sewage treatment plant “Czajka”.

As reported MPWiK, the monthly cost of export sewage sludge is 1.7 million zl (calculated on the basis of the cost of exports from 01.01.2019 r. To 31.08.2019 r.), But at the same time the company did not incur any monthly costs, or about 0, 8 million zl, which shall be paid if the incinerator operates. CIEP in connection with the failure of the sewage sludge incineration plant belonging to the “Czajka” the CBA informed. Letter to the Bureau received on September 8th and continues its analysis. As told PAP deputy district prosecutor in Szczytno Arthur Bekulard, activities scheduled for Monday with the participation of an expert who specializes in systems installed in amusement parks. Previously performed inspection of the accident scene, interviewed witnesses, secured monitoring and documentation of the device that is failing. The accident occurred on Sunday in a traveling carnival in Szczytno, the carousel type Break Dance consisting of a rotating platform and placed on the gondola, which is also spinning. After the incident, amusement park was closed.

As a result of his injuries 9-year-old boy died after being taken to the district hospital in Szczytno. Accompanying the child on a carousel of 30-year-old uncle suffered a spinal injury – and as reported by the prosecutor’s office on Monday – has been released from the hospital. “The preliminary findings show that probably let go attaching the gondola, which was bouncing around on the platform, which caused her sudden sided tilt, resulting in the child hit his head on the platform,” – said the prosecutor Bekulard PAP. He added that with the information that he passed on the basis of the documentation secured, the device had a current inspection from the technical inspection. In the course of the investigation the prosecutor’s office will determine whether someone with his behavior or omission contributed to the tragic crash. Chartered is not only to prepare an opinion on the state of the carousel and the technical strength of the material, but also to assess whether the assembly was the right way. The prosecutor also said that employees funfair carousel supports sober.

Wednesday is to be performed the autopsy, which will determine the exact cause of death of a child. The boy came from Czarnia municipalities in the province. Mazowieckie. Due to held a series of summer events called “Days and Nights of Szczytno” came to town last weekend many visitors. (PAP) by Marcin Boguszewski Siemoniak asked on Monday to assess the radio Troika Ministerial Conference concerning. The Middle East, which will take place on 13-14 February in Warsaw stated that “despite the various attempts of speech – Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Prime Minister – I do not see what is in this Polish interests. ” “So I would expect that the prime minister or foreign minister clearly tell, what is the interest of Polish, if pay for a research paper apa we take such action, that put us in a variety of risks,” – he said vice-chairman PO.zobacz also reluctant European Union responds to the Middle East conference in Warsaw » President Middle East conference opens in Warsaw »Siemoniak also criticized the fact that the conference was the first reported US. “Very bad I accepted that we learned from the United States that such a conference is taking place in Warsaw” – he said.

In Ministerial meeting on peace and security in the Middle East they have announced their participation, among others, US Vice President Mike Pence, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His arrival in Warsaw announced the representatives of some European countries and the countries of the Gulf region. He informed the Czech portal, Zeman expressed support for the Nord Stream 2 on Thursday, in an interview for the Czech station TV Barrandov. Asked if there is opposition to the construction of the Nord Stream 2, said: “In Poland, so we do not.” “I am glad that I can inform you that, following consultation with the Minister of Industry and Trade expressed full support of the Czech Republic for the Nord Stream 2 – we were strict – because for the Czech Republic would mean the economic benefit of approximately 1 billion euros” – quotes his words portal Parlamentni “So I understand – continued the president of the Czech Republic – that Poland already little affected by the fact that as a result of disputes over transit fees – and the previous gas pipeline led by the Baltic Sea, not through Polish territory, and as you know the Baltic Sea is very tolerant because transit fees not collected – so it follows that it is impossible to understand the resistance of Polish to this. But I repeat you again that, like (former German Chancellor) Gerhard Schroeder also I strongly support this project, for reasons that I provided and I am glad that supports me in this minister of industry and trade. ” Zeman ends on Friday, a few days visit to Russia, during which he met with President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The Russian side has served in the materials prepared for the meeting of the presidents, that Moscow is consulting with the Czech Republic on support to the Nord Stream 2, on the use of the gas pipeline system in the Czech gas transit. Nord Stream 2 – numbering 1200 km bus with two mains gas – is to be ready by the end of 2019 years. The pipeline would increase twice the amount of gas that could provide Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany. After 2,019 years, Russia intends to cease transmission of gas pipelines running through the territory of Ukraine. Poland, the Baltic states and Ukraine are opposed to the project, fearing that it will increase Europe’s dependence on Russia. (PAP) In a published statement, Trump pointed out that the perpetrator of the attack, identified as originating in Bangladesh 27-year-old resident of Brooklyn Akayed Ulfah, came to the United States thanks to the so-called. “Migration chain” allowing the arrival of family members of people already living in the United States. The President emphasized that such a system is “incompatible with national security” of the United States and appealed to Congress for its abolition. According to Trump, the last attack once again confirmed the rightness of his controversial proposals prohibiting entry to the United States to certain categories osob.zobacz also: Explosion at the train station in New York.

Mayor: It is an attempt of a terrorist attack »Trump also expressed the belief that a person convicted of acts of terrorism” deserve the most severe punishment allowed by law, including in justified cases the death penalty “.On the need for urgent reform” bankrupt immigration policy, “pointed out the Attorney General and the Minister of justice Jeff Sessions.

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